For effective file management, you will need an appropriate file manager app. However, if you often find yourself working if you need archiving apps with a lot of features, then you’re in luck! There are not many of these apps with all the functionality that you need. Zarchiver Apk is one of the few mobile applications where storage space won’t be an issue.

With many storage management options, there’s a lot that you can do with files & media inside your devices. But what would these options be without ZArchiver Apk? In order to create archive files in many different formats, you need to install this feature-filled application. Unzip your files with any archive types you choose and make the best of the available data.

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zarchiver apk

What does Zarchiver Apk do?

It’s not always easy to find a proper file compressor & achiever for your Android device. Check out this application that can compress any files on your system into an achievable, compact file. At the same time, feel free to decompress whichever online files that you’ve just downloaded without having any problems. The best thing is that ZArchiver Apk can easily work on many file formats on your devices, making it extremely versatile and capable of handling just about anything.

Whether you need to access files or folders, ZArchiver Apk will offer full support when you access its native Android file manager. Feel free to search for files that are available on your Android storage and make many changes to the selected files. Try out lots of different modifications and explore the in-app features.


If you’re interested in trying the new ZArchiver apk, then you can download it for free from the Play Store on your phone. Here, you will find a number of features that are available as part of the application. If you want to take advantage of it, however, you might need to go for the premium version of ZArchiver apk. Doing so will unlock many more features & our development team is actively working on adding more.

To make sure Android users in ZArchiver Apk won’t run into any issues in the app, it’s recommended that they run the latest firmware available on their device. One other thing you’ll need to do is give the app permission to access your microphone. This will allow it to work properly and hear your voice for dictation and calculations.

Final verdicts

ZArchiver Apk is a companion application for ES File Explorer Manager PRO. It supports file compression and decompression, PDF creation and sharing, ZIP, RAR extraction, and more. With it installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can deal with compressed files in greater detail. Explore all your options with compressions that have been optimized. This should ease the app’s use, making it more accessible.

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