Film Plus APK For Android is a video app for watching videos on the go.

It is loaded with new features like 3D home screen, watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free on your Android device and much more.

Film Plus APK main image

Some features of Film Plus App for Android, watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free on your Android device.

Features Of Film Plus APK

Film Plus APK does not only offer movies for free but also offers a lot of variety for its users.

All you need is a phone or tablet with a screen size bigger than 5 inches and is compatible with the Android 2.2+ version or higher.

Importantly, the app is compatible with all devices, but if you want to enjoy it on a larger screen, there is an option to purchase the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

When you have found what you’re looking for, just scroll down the list and find your movie or show.

Film Plus APK has all the features of a premium movie streaming service, but with a much smaller price tag.

3D home screen experience, watch all your favorite channels in an immersive 3D home screen experience and search through the selection of over 100,000 movies by title and genre!

Browse through the collection of top rated, most watched, newest releases and latest trending videos from around including movies in their original language with subtitles.

In fact, from the latest releases to classics, you will not have trouble finding something that suits your mood.

There are hundreds of movies and TV shows available for streaming, with more being added each week in Film Plus APK.

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie but didn’t want to spend money on the ticket or the popcorn?

Well, this app is for that! This is a free app that allows users to stream a wide variety of movies & TV shows for free.